What areas do you serve?

Midwife Elizabeth is pleased to offer homebirths in the greater Oklahoma City area as well as Stillwater, Perkins, Cushing, Guthrie, Prague, and Shawnee. Depending on the time of year, we may accept clients in other parts of Oklahoma. Contact us to see if we serve your area.

Is it safe? / What do you do In case of Emergency?

Studies have shown Homebirth is safe for the low risk woman with a healthy pregnancy. (Recent study from British Medical Journal). Every birthplace comes with individual risks and benefits; you are encouraged to explore which setting is most comfortable for you.

I trust the God that created birth. I respect birth; I don’t take it lightly. It usually works beautifully, but we must be prepared if it doesn’t. Birth can be unpredictable and sometimes interventions are needed. I strive to practice proactively and transport to hospital before there is a crisis. We have an emergency transport plan in place, but rarely need to use it. Most homebirth transfers are for non-emergencies like failure to progress or water being broken too long before birth.

What does it cost / Do you accept insurance?

The cost of Midwifery care is $3,200 payable over the course of your pregnancy by an individualized and flexible payment plan. Midwife Elizabeth does not accept insurance but insurance will usually cover the cost of labwork and ultrasounds. For more details, view our Midwifery Care page.

How do you manage pain?

My team is proficient at a wide variety of natural pain management techniques including use of hydrotherapy (shower or tub during labor), aromatherapy, massage, movement, relaxation techniques, position changes, and cold/heat therapy. I also encourage you to take a childbirth class to learn more about labor techniques and relaxation with your partner. In addition, you may want to consider hiring a doula for additional support. 

How is it different from a hospital birth?

During a home or birth center birth, you are in a comfortable environment and in control of your surroundings. It allows you to avoid routine interventions like IV access and continuous monitoring. Your birth team is available to support you throughout the entire process to monitor you and your baby in any position that is comfortable to you, including in the birth tub!

Is it messy?

Birth is not actually as messy as most people think.  My team can clean up from the birth in about 15 minutes and by the time we leave your house; the only evidence left behind is your new baby!

Informed Consent & Refusal / Birth Philosophy of Midwife

Clients are provided with informed consent regarding all pregnancy testing and procedures. To learn more about Midwife Elizabeth's birth philosophy, visit our Meet the Midwife page.

Where can I find more resources or education about homebirth?

If you haven’t watched it already, the documentary The Business of Being Born  is a good place to start! Also check out the documentary Why Not Home.