For low risk women desiring a natural childbirth, midwifery care offers the most freedom of choice during labor and delivery. You are free to labor in a peaceful and supportive environment. We offer both homebirth and birthing center options. Midwife Elizabeth provides complete prenatal, birth, and postpartum care.

The best part about having a midwife was the peace and calm that surrounded my birth. It was amazing and something I will never forget.

Prenatal Care:

  • Thirty minute to one hour is allotted for every prenatal appointment to allow for all of your questions
  • Appointments 1x month until 28 weeks, 2x month until 36 weeks, then weekly until birth (schedule may be adjusted based on client needs, at no additional charge)
  • Expert monitoring of your health and baby’s wellbeing by combining time-honored midwifery skills and evidenced-based clinical care to:
    • Evaluate maternal vital signs, weight gain, fundal height, and nutrition
    • Monitor fetal growth, activity, and position
    • Order pregnancy lab work & ultrasounds as needed

Labor & Birth Care: 

  • Midwife available at onset of labor
  • Midwife & assistants will peacefully monitor fetal well-being, maternal health and labor progress
  • Experience in optimal fetal positioning to encourage baby to come to an easy-to-birth position
  • Labor support techniques, including natural pain relief & pain management
  • Immediate breastfeeding and peaceful postpartum to facilitate bonding
  • Newborn exam for baby
  • Herbal bath for mom, if desired
  • Clean-up from labor and birth

Postpartum Care:

  • Home visit at 2-3 days
  • Office visits at 2 weeks and 6 weeks
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Monitoring of baby’s growth and maternal recovery
  • Birth certificate and social security paperwork filed
  • Education on family planning methods, if desired
  • Provide information and resources for newborn testing, such as PKU & hearing screening
  • Referrals for other providers such as pediatricians
Home is where we made our children, will raise our children, and share some of our deepest, purest, sweetest relational moments together as a family. So why not have our children be welcomed into the world in this environment?

Cost of Services:

The cost of midwifery care is $3,200 payable over the course of your pregnancy by a flexible payment plan. A $200 discount is given to families birthing at the Edmond Birthing Center, making their midwifery fee $3000. Midwife Elizabeth does not bill insurance, but can provide you with an itemized receipt for you to submit to your insurance company if desired.

The global midwifery fee includes:

  • Complete prenatal, birth & postpartum care (see above)
  • 24/7 access to your midwife via text, phone, email throughout pregnancy, birth & postpartum
  • Second midwife to attend your birth, to assist your primary midwife (you are not required to hire anyone else to attend your birth)

Additional homebirth fees may include:

  • Prenatal lab work, if not covered by insurance approx. $300 over the course of pregnancy
  • Birth supplies (required) approx. $100
  • Birth pool and water birth supplies (if desired) approx. $200-$300
  • Ultrasounds, as needed, approx. $120 each, if not covered by insurance

Additional birth center fees may include:

  • Prenatal lab work, if not covered by insurance approx. $300 over the course of pregnancy
  • Ultrasounds, as needed, approx. $120 each, if not covered by insurance
  • Facility fee (paid directly to the birthing center) $1000
  • All birthing supplies and water birth supplies are included in facility fee, no need to order anything