Midwife Elizabeth is excited to be able to offer more natural birth options to Oklahoma families by partnering with local freestanding birth centers. Having your baby at a birth center allows you to enjoy home-like comforts in close proximity to a hospital. Find your frequently asked questions about birthing centers answered below!

At what birth centers do you have delivery privileges?

Midwife Elizabeth is privileged at The Edmond Birthing Center in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Does the Edmond birthing center allow waterbirths?

Yes! The birthing center has 3 deluxe waterbirth suites. Mothers are encouraged to labor or birth in the tubs if desired.

Why choose a birthing center instead of home birth?

If you don't live close to a hospital with labor and delivery services and a neonatal intensive care unit, it can be good to consider a birth center in case of labor transport. While urgent transfers are very rare, we strive to be prepared for anything. Our recommendation is that homebirth families live within 20 minutes of a hospital. The other benefit to birthing centers is that you don't have to do any preparation of your home or rent a birth pool - you just show up and have a baby. 

Are there additional fees if I deliver at A birth center?

Yes, the birth center has a facility fee that is separate from the cost of midwifery care with Midwife Elizabeth. Please contact us for additional information on facility fees. 

Clients can rest assured that they will receive the same exceptional maternity care with Midwife Elizabeth, regardless of where they choose to birth. The prenatal, labor, birth, and postpartum care standards are identical - all that changes is the birthplace! Reach out today if you are interested a consultation about birth center birth or a tour of one of the facilities.

Elizabeth takes the time during prenatal appointments to cover all your questions so your pregnancy progresses as smoothly as possible. She is a gentle, caring, and respectful midwife and she will bring peace to your pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
— Sarah Williams