Heather’s First Homebirth

This was the kind of care and relationship that I was so hopeful for. I couldn’t recommend a more equipped woman to have as a midwife.
— Heather

As a very new transplant to Oklahoma City, I welcomed the news of a second pregnancy. My emotions were definitely heightened and all that I was dealing with in my new life as an Oklahoman and soon to be second time mom. During my first daughters birth, I used midwives in a hospital, but  I still knew I wanted more out of the birth experience, both for me, my baby and my family. I am crunchy....but I don't stand in the way of a good old needed dose of tylenol, if you know what I mean. So making the jump to a home birth was a leap of faith. Surprisingly my husband was the one encouraging me in this venture, and when it came down to making a decision, I felt fearful I would make a mistake.  

After interviewing with many midwives, Elizabeth was the one that really impressed me. She gave me quite a few good resources and recommendations even before we began our patient-midwife relationship and was so helpful, kind and knowledgable. Elizabeth stepped out of this traditional “doctor-patient” role and truly partnered with me as me and my baby’s caregiver. I had several bumps along the way with my health and Elizabeth was up for the challenge. She did her research and never missed a beat to find the proper natural supplements, diet recommendations and remedies to keep the pregnancy healthy. She made herself FULLY accessible to answer calls and texts and questions of all kinds....at all times. She is prompt, detailed, articulate, and always seeking out new knowledge to apply to her practice. This was the kind of care and relationship that I was so hopeful for.

Gradually as the pregnancy went on, my fears subsided and this beautiful excitement for a calm and peaceful home birth allowed me to enjoy the remainder of the pregnancy and actually look forward to an ALL NATURAL birth. I am so thankful for this experience that allowed my whole family (husband and 2 year old) to be involved in the entire scope of carrying this baby and bringing her into this world. My sweet baby Burgundy Rose came into this world peacefully and QUICKLY into the loving arms of Elizabeth and her crew in our little apartment. And truly the feeling I had when everything was over, was Peacefulness! What a precious gift to look back on this experience and celebrate the beauty and awe of child birth with unending gratitude for what my body can do and for being so well cared for. I couldn't recommend a more equipped woman to have as a midwife.