OKC homebirth

Kailyn's Second Homebirth

On Thursday, August 6th I woke up around 5:00 a.m. completely unable to go back to sleep. I waddled to the kitchen for a snack and then decided to kill time by filling out some of sister’s baby book. I’d been telling The Husband for days to be ready to come home if I called; which I did again before he left for work that morning. Labor began gently, almost frustratingly so. With brother my labor shot off like a rocket; it burned fast and bright until baby boy arrived less than 8 hours later. With him I lost my plug and then my water broke in one big gush, all within a few hours. Then contractions were immediately five minutes apart and never stopped. I also had back labor the entire time. Sister came slower. My plug slowly presented itself over a few hours and no other symptoms began for some time.

I got brother up around 9:00 and made him breakfast like normal, then sat with him at the table and called Elizabeth and our moms while he ate. I had just gotten off the phone with Elizabeth when I stood up to take brother’s bowl to the kitchen, and my water started trickling down my legs. Instead of one big gush this time, it just trickled and even stopped when I sat on the toilet. Then light, irregular contractions began, about 5-15 mins apart. I called The Husband and told him to come home, still not positive that this was the real deal, even though we now had a definite deadline to beat.

Kenzie's Waterbirth - As a Mom & Midwifery Student

Finding out that we were pregnant after only five months of marriage was a very big surprise. A very wonderful, exciting, unexpected surprise. At the time I had also just started working with Elizabeth as her student midwife, which made me feel obligated to use Elizabeth as my midwife. I knew I really liked her but I didnʼt want to feel pressure to pick her as my midwife. When I talk to Elizabeth about it she was so sweet and encouraged me to interview other midwives and not to feel any pressure at all. Once I started interviewing midwives I started feeling more and more drawn to Elizabeth and feeling more confident in my choice.

My due date came and went. The full moon came and went. Family came in town to meet baby and still no sign of baby. I went on so many walks that I gave myself shinsplints. I know itʼs completely normal for first time moms to go over due. I have told that to many women. My husband reminded me what I would say and what I believed, but it was so different being the one waiting.

Heather’s First Homebirth

As a very new transplant to Oklahoma City, I welcomed the news of a second pregnancy. My emotions were definately heightened and all that I was dealing with in my new life as an Oklahoman and soon to be second time mom. During my first daughters birth, I used midwives in a hospital, but  I still knew I wanted more out of the birth experience, both for me, my baby and my family.