Kenzie's Waterbirth - As a Mom & Midwifery Student

Finding out that we were pregnant after only five months of marriage was a very big surprise. A very wonderful, exciting, unexpected surprise. At the time I had also just started working with Elizabeth as her student midwife, which made me feel obligated to use Elizabeth as my midwife. I knew I really liked her but I didnʼt want to feel pressure to pick her as my midwife. When I talk to Elizabeth about it she was so sweet and encouraged me to interview other midwives and not to feel any pressure at all. Once I started interviewing midwives I started feeling more and more drawn to Elizabeth and feeling more confident in my choice.

My due date came and went. The full moon came and went. Family came in town to meet baby and still no sign of baby. I went on so many walks that I gave myself shinsplints. I know itʼs completely normal for first time moms to go over due. I have told that to many women. My husband reminded me what I would say and what I believed, but it was so different being the one waiting.

Rachel's Suprisingly Fast Waterbirth

I gave birth to Olivia Grace 8 months ago, but the memory is so vivid that it feels like yesterday. After a very long labor with my first daughter, I was anxious to see if labor would be different the second time around. Not only was it shorter, but it was one of the most incredible events of my life.

It was 4 days past my due date, and I woke up at 4:30am during a contraction. They were comfortably 7-8 minutes apart. I let my husband sleep for the first hour so that I was sure labor was actually starting, and then I woke him up. I showered, relaxed and decided to text Elizabeth.  She had a two hour drive, so by 8am she was leaving her house to come check on me.